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1) Do you consider yourself as a QUEEN fan? If so, which is your all-time fave QUEEN song? Did you have the chance to see them in concert?

I am a Huge Queen Fan, My favorite Song is Bohemian Rhapsody. No I never got to see them in concert.

2) In which circumstances did you hear for the first time the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”? What effect had this song on you?

I heard it On Tape When it first came out and just lost my mind... Perhaps i heard it On Radio I'm not sure but, it just blew me away!

3) How did you meet Freddie Mercury for the very first time? What were your impressions about him after meeting in person?

I was in Munich at MusicLand Studio recording my music with Mack. Freddie came in and I couldn't believe it! He was so nice to me and we became fast friends.

4) It’s been 30 years since the filming of the video of “Living On My Own”, tell us about your participation in that video. How was the filming? Do you remember any funny story during the filming of that video?

Freddie asked me if I wanted to be a part of the video for "Living on My Own". Of course I said yes. It was 4 or 5 days after the actual party. This was so everybody could recuperate from the festivities. We all had a great time and were acting kind of foolish. Some of the guys would lose their skirts, probably on purpose. The filming of the video was just like being at the actual party.

5) What do you think about the remix of"Living On My Own" made in 1993? Did you like it?

Yes! Very creative MIX! Jim Beach did it. He was very responsible to create that version. It was number 1 in the euro discos.

6) Tell us about the recording of the song “Hold On”. How did it happen this opportunity? Did you and Freddie record your vocals together or separate? How can you qualify this experience of recording a track with Freddie? Did you like the final result of this song?

He was in Studio a lot, while I was recording. One day, he just grabbed my hand and said, "Why don't we do something together, darling"? I said, “Of course"! It was a very nice experience. I loved the final result of "Hold On"!

7) Please, tell us about your friendship with Freddie Mercury. How was Freddie with his friends? Were you in touch with Freddie? When was the last time you see him?

The Last Time I Saw him was when I was moving back to NYC in 1988 and yes, it was a sad Good Bye.

8) In which circumstances did you know about Freddie’s passing away on November 24th 1991? How did you take these sad news? How did you react?

Well, unfortunately, I knew it was coming. I was praying for more time for him like most people. I was in New York, so I heard it on the radio. I wasn't ready for it and it still breaks my heart to this day!

9) Tell us about your musical career. When did you realize that in some moment you wanted to do this? What does Munich mean to you?

I was the child of a preacher so I was singing in my mother's womb. I sang my first song behind a pulpit at my father's church. I think I always knew I would eventually go into rock music. I adore Munich! It is a beautiful city and I recorded my first record deal there. It was a gift I will never forget! More importantly, Munich gave me the introduction to my Freddie!

10) Which bands or artists do you consider as your main musical influences? Which is your all-time fave song? Which artist would you like to record a song or sing in a concert?

I have been singing Blues and R&B, for quite some time now. I still enjoy Rock, though. I love Aretha, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Billie Holiday! In Rock, I love Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Gwen Stefani. There are too many to mention. I would love to sing with any of these great artists that are still with us!

11) Can you tell us a little more about you songs “All Roads”, “White Hotel” and “Speak the Truth”? Which are your future plans?

I think I will use the tunes you mentioned as part of my line up. "All Roads" was written by Jimmy Peteric, the guitarist in Survivor for me at Polyester Studio. "White Hotel”, I recorded with Giorgio Moroder at his studio in Los Angeles. It was written and produced by Keith Forcey, who then went on to work with Billy Idol. “Speak the Truth" was done in Chicago. It was written by Patrick Leonard, who has moved on to work with Madonna many years ago. I am moving to Florida next month and hope to put a Blues and R&B band together immediately!

12) Which is your all-time fave movie? And your fave actor and actress?

I love "Pulp Fiction"! Meg Ryan and Johnny Depp are my favorite actors.

13) How is a normal day in Jo Dare’s life?

A little bit boring these days, but when I get to Florida, I will be busy writing music and putting the band together!

14) Any other thing you would like to add for “ROYAL TRILOGY”?

Send me luck for my move and the exciting Music coming up!
I want to thank my friends, Melane Pickus and Santiago Rodríguez for putting together my music videos on YouTube to be enjoyed by all.

And please, define with ONE Word or phrase the following names:

All Roads
Great song
A beautiful city
Living On my Own Video
Hold On
One of my best creations
Freddie Mercury
Wonderful person
My home state
Bohemian Rhapsody
One of the most creative songs EVER!!!
A wonderful band!
An amazing blog!!! And the owner is a great person!

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you enormously for your time and kindness in answering all these questions for “ROYAL TRILOGY”. Much appreciated! And thanks also for your very nice friendship. God bless you always, dear Jo!

No problem, thanks for your interest in me and your friendship. Let’s keep in touch! I send you a BIG HUG dear Luis! God bless you! And I want to send a big hug to all the people of Royal Trilogy!

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  1. Lucho:
    Mis felicitaciones por la entrevista y por tu dominio del inglés. Interesante la historia del encuentro y la amistad entre JO DARE y Freddy Mercury. Y buena forma de finalizar la nota con el "Pin-pon".

    Un abrazo,


    1. Hola Jimmy. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      Gracias mil por tus palabras. Y ese pin-pon es infaltable en las entrevistas virtuales que he publicado en el blog.

      Un abrazo.


    2. Hola. Estoy tratando de informarme sobre JO Dare pero no encuentro nada concreto. Me podrias contar? Tengo en Facebook un contacto con ese nombre y quisiera saber si es real o solo un fan. Desde ya muchas gracias

    3. Hola Unknown. Muchas gracias por comentar.

      Contestando a tu pregunta, francamente en internet vas a encontrar casi nada sobre ella. Jo tiene su cuenta en Facebook,y es probable que sea ella a quien tengas de contacto.



  2. Thank you so much for publishing this wonderful interview in English so that we can all enjoy it. Once again, it sheds a bright light on the friendship and collaboration between my friend, Jo Dare and the incomparable Freddie Mercury. This music creation will live on in history and our hearts always. Hugs to you, Melane Pickus

    1. Hello Melanie. Thank you very much for your comment.

      As a way of saying thanks to my friend Jo, I wanted to post this interview in its original language. It has been really a wonderful experience. And the song "Hold On" will always be in our hearts.

      A very big hug to you.


  3. Thanks for the interview. She caught my eye as the cat lady in the video and I'm glad I found out more. I can see why Jo Dare and Freddie were friends as she seems so kind, creative and fun! I will be checking out her other music. Cheers!

  4. Hello foundinthesound. Thanks for your comment.

    I'm very happy to know that you liked this interview. And yes, she's a very kind person.

    A very big hug.


  5. WOW! Great Article you can also Find Some Relevant. Life Quotes

    1. Hello anniemaria192. Thanks for your comment.

      Thank you so much for your words. I am very glad to know you liked this post.

      Best Wishes.


  6. My first intro to Jo Dare was in the video with Freddy Mercury Living on my own. Her personality was what drew me in first. Then I heard her song Hold On and fell in love with her music. I enjoyed the Q&A here. I wish a safe move and look forward to her new music that's to come.

  7. Hello Unknown. Thanks for your comment.

    I'm glad to know that you liked this interview, where Jo opens her heart.

    Best Wishes.


  8. Hello Nadiya.bulsara. Thanks for your comment.

    I'm very glad to know you like this post.

    Best Wishes.


  9. I was always extremely intrigued by the cat girl in the Living on my own video. Those daunting eyes. You could tell she had a great time with Freddie. Im so glad to finally kwow a little bit about her and to know that she is a great singer on her own.

    1. Hi Unknown. Thanks for your comment.

      Totally agree with you. She was a very good friend of Freddie.



  10. Hola Luis:

    No se si ya lo sabrás pero, desgraciadamente, Jo Dare nos dejó el pasado 7 de Abril... :'(. Una amiga suya lo comentó, a través de Facebook. Por lo visto, la artista llevaba bastante tiempo con problemas de salud, como puedes ver en este artículo que le quise dedicar en su memoria...

    Millones de gracias por tu maravillosa entrevista (una auténtica joya) y página. Me han llegado al alma, varias historias de las que has escrito aquí, y alguna me hizo derramar alguna lágrima...

    Un saludo muy cordial.



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