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1) At what age did you feel this special connection with the flute for the very first time? Who were your main musical influences for playing the flute? And when did you realize you wanted to do this in your life?

I felt a connection with the flute right away. I was probably 10 years old, and I realised I wanted to do this forever. My mother was a mandolin player and violinist, so she was a huge influence. But, so were the great flautists, Jean Pierre Rampal and James Galway, along with Ian Anderson, of course!

2) Did you have the chance to see Moody Blues in concert before you joined to them? Were you a Moody Blues fan?  And which do you consider your fave Moody Blues song and album?

I never saw them in concert … I'm not really the concert going type, believe it or not! My favourite songs when I was young were 'Nights' and 'Isn't Life Strange'

3) When, in which circumstances, and what effect had on you, the first time you heard the song “Nights In White Satin”?

I was mesmerised!

4) How did you meet The Moody Blues for the very first time? What was your impression about the guys after meeting them in person?

I first worked with Justin Hayward on his solo tour for the album, 'View From the Hill' … he got my name from a conductor in LA. Then, six years later, they called me when Ray Thomas retired. I thought the guys were great … very friendly and funny. I still think so!

5) When it was decided you were going to be the flutist of the band on stage, what were your feelings about that new musical step in your life and how were you received by the fans in your first performances with the band?

I didn't really think about how I would be received, as I looked at it as just another job, since I have done so many flute 'gigs' in my life …. from TV commercial work, to playing movie soundtracks, to performing live in various orchestras. It didn't occur to me until my first performance with the Moodies that I might not be so well received initially!

6) Which do you consider the hardest Moody Blues to play the flute? And which Moody Blues song do you really enjoy most in concert?

I don't find any of them difficult at all. I enjoy most 'Nights in White Satin', 'Isn't life Strange', 'The Actor', and of course, one of my all time favourites, 'Are You Sitting Comfortably?'

7) Tell us about Justin Hayward. How is he in person? 

He's a lovely guy. And a major talent!

8) In the last 10 years you have performed with some backing musicians on stage within the band, what memories do you have of any of them? Did you have a special friendship with any of them? Who is your kind of “soul mate” within the band?

They're all 'soul mates' on some level or another. Again, I don't really have favourites … we're all simply professionals doing a job, who happen to have a great time together.

9) How did you have the chance of meeting Ray Thomas? And how was it for you? Please, tell us about this unique meeting.

We met through some mutual friends when I was on tour with the band, and I had a day off in London, the day before we were to play at the Royal Albert Hall. I believe this was in the fall of 2008. I went to his house, we had dinner, and I found him to be a very charming, sweet, and funny man.

10) Tell us about your collaboration with Randy Newman. In which musical score did you feel most proud of being part? Do you think to do this again in the future?

I feel proud of all of them, because anything to do with Randy Newman is an honour and a pleasure to experience. He is a living legend, and a genius. I would love to work with him again, but now I live in London and he's in LA, so it might prove to be difficult.

11) We really loved your CD “NORDA”, it is so relaxing and delightful. Tell us how and when the idea of making an album came to your mind. How long did you take to create your album before you went to the studio to record it?

I've been wanting to do my own project for years, as all I've done is work for other people on their projects! But the actual writing of it didn't start until I moved to London in 2010. Then, I wrote each song as I went along, while in the studio.

12) Which is your fave song from your album “NORDA”?  Which one do you feel most proud of? And please, tell us what was your inspiration in the tracks “A Beautiful World”, “I Like It”, “Home”?

Again, it's never easy to pick a favourite. I like each one for different reasons. '

'This Beautiful World' was written for my father when he was suffering with Alzheimer's Disease. I just wanted to tell him in, my own way, that it was OK for him to leave this world and be at peace, instead of sticking around, worrying about his kids!

'I Like It' is a simple song I wrote at a time when I thought everyone around me was being a bit tense for their different reasons. I just wanted to say that, from where I'm standing, 'I Like It' …  nothing is as bad as it seems … let's all just lighten up!

'Home' is a collaboration between my husband and myself. Basically, the  lyrics are about remembering where we came from … a very beautiful and simplistic place, when life was so easy … that memory could be because I was young at the time, or because of where I grew up, in the southern United States, in Mississippi. We always remember our youth fondly, don't we? I believe my husband would say the same regarding the feeling he was portraying in the lyrics that are his.

13) And what about the beautiful songs “Oui Oui”,“It’s OK” and “Waiting For You”?

‘Oui Oui’ is about longing for the pleasant times in a relationship (usually in the beginning stages), and longing for these times when things change and are not so nice anymore. It's just about trying to get back to those beginning feelings, when love is brand new. I hope this makes sense!

It's OK was written one day when I was watching the news about Syria, and I saw children crying, and thought, what if we all pretended for just 5 MINUTES that everything on Earth was OK .... just 5 minutes ... what if we were to pretend that everyone loved everyone else on this planet, and that there were no differences. Would that make it better? You never know.

'Waiting for you' was written mostly by my husband, and is about when I'm away on tour and how he is waiting for me!!!

14) Have you ever thought in the future about the possibility of recording a Moody Blues song as a cover in a new solo album? If so, which one you would like to choose?

That has never occurred to me. I'm not sure if I would do anyone else's songs any justice.

15) One of the main subjects of this blog is the British band QUEEN, my other all-time fave band. What are your impressions about this band and about Freddie Mercury? What do you think about the songs “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Are The Champions”? Do you have a favourite song from QUEEN?

I think QUEEN was a fantastic band, and the charisma of Freddie Mercury astounds me. If ever a man were born to perform, it's him. I would say the two songs you mentioned are by far my favourites as well.

16) Which other groups and artists in music do you like most? Which is your all-time fave song or songs?

 Again, like co-workers, I'm not one really to pick favourites, as everything that appeals to me is usually based on my mood at the time. I would say that I love The Beatles (of course), John Lennon's later work, Bob Dylan, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, the newer bands, Elbow, The Fleet Foxes, and on and on, really. One of my favourite songs in my life from long ago was, and is, Layla, by Derek and the Dominos.

17) Which is all-time favourite film? And your fave actor and actress?

 Again, so sorry … can't possibly narrow that down! I would say that I'm in awe of Meryl Streep's talent.

18) If you were given the chance of choosing to play the flute on the recording of a new song from a singer or musician you admire so much, who would you choose for that?

Peter Gabriel

19) What are your feelings about the Peruvian panpipes? Have your heard traditional Peruvian music played with panpipes? If so, what did you think about it?

I have a set of Peruvian panpipes given to me by a friend whom I used to be in a band with in Los Angeles, called Bahu Rang. We actually had a song in which I played them, called 'Sad Gargoyles', but I definitely didn't play them in any type of Peruvian style. It was more of a haunting style, and the sound of that instrument is quite mesmorising. I have heard traditional Peruvian music played with panpipes, and again, I was blown away at the agility they demonstrated when playing them. It's not easy!

20) How is a normal day in Norda Mullen’s life? 

Pretty great … lots of yoga, walking the dogs along the Thames River, playing the flute, visiting with friends, and trying to cook for my family!

21) And finally, which are your future plans in music? Anything more you would like to add for “ROYAL TRILOGY”?

I plan to do another solo CD in the future, sooner rather than later, as I feel I have so many ideas in my head running around all of the time that need to be expressed.

And please define with ONE word or phrase the following names:

icons and innovators of classic rock
Nights In White Satin
Justin Hayward
John Lodge
Graeme Edge
Ray Thomas         
NORDA album
brilliant … HA … kidding! … Umm … personal
A Beautiful Word
My Father
I Like It
Randy Newman
Living Legend
Bohemian Rhapsody
Peruvian panpipes
Norda Mullen

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank you so much dear Norda for your time and for your kindness in answering all these questions for “ROYAL TRILOGY”. Really much appreciated!! And thanks for your nice and wonderful friendship! God bless you always!

My pleasure!

You can visit Norda's new webpage in this link:

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  1. A very good interview that shows a very sincere person and a talented musician. Congratulations to Norda!!

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for your comments.

      Thanks for your words. I am glad to know you liked the interview. And yes, Norda is so talented and was so friendly in her answers,

      Best Wishes.



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